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Mobile Personal Training Mcgregor

Are you looking to tone your body, lose weight or looking to get leaner or fitter but just don’t know where to start?

Our Express Mobile Personal Trainers can come to you and help you reach your fitness goals.

mobile personal training

Our mobile personal training service means no more expensive gym memberships and locked in contracts; we can come to you for one-on-one training, group sessions or weight training at an affordable price. If you have an upcoming event or are looking to get bikini ready for summer, we can work with you to create a fitness regime that will help you reach your goals on time.


Whether you are a seasoned exercise enthusiast or someone who is new to fitness, there is one certainty, fitness makes you happy and healthy. Our trainers at Express Mobile Personal Training McGregor have a Cert III and Cert IV in Fitness as well as a current CPR Certificate and are fully insured for your peace of mind.

One-on-one training:

We can come to your home or local park and work with your personally to help you meet your fitness goals. We will ensure we work with you to put in place a workout routine, meal plans and regular support services to keep you on track to looking and feeling healthier.

Group training:

We have regular group training sessions available to attend on a weekly basis. From boot camp sessions to boxercise training we have a fitness class in our timetable that suits people of all levels of fitness. Why not get a few friends together and we can tailor a group session just for you!

Boot camps:

Boot camps are a fun and motivational way to get yourself looking great and feeling fit. A weekly boot camp session with a team of other individuals who have the same goals as you and an instructor who understands the fitness journey you are on and is committed to helping you get there.


This high-intense workout based on exercises professional boxers would use will have you feeling great! Using a variety of techniques such as shadow-boxing, skipping and other methods, our boxercise classes will help you get healthy and stay fit.

Weight training:

Whether you are a body builder looking to prepare for your next competition or looking to transfer that body mass into muscle and tone up, our Express Mobile Personal Trainers have a fitness model that we can work with you on to help you reach your goals.

Why choose Express?

Express have a team of fully trained professionals who can motivate you to reach your goals while training you to have a deeper understand of what your body needs and ensuring you are training in the correct way.

While gym memberships can have you locked into a contract for years, paying a weekly membership fee and other personal trainers charge extensively for their services, Express ensure our group and one-on-one sessions are affordable, because getting healthy shouldn’t break your bank!

So don’t delay, call Express today and we can send you more information to have you looking and feeling fit